Sunday, 17 April 2011

Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream vs. Skin79 Super BB Triple Function Cream

So today's post is a review between two different BB Creams from the same company, Skin79
One is the Super BB Triple Function (in Hot Pink!) which I've been using religiously for the past 8 months and the other is the Oriental Gold BB Cream which I only just got a week ago. =))

So, I'm going to start with the hot pink one, which is my favourite BB Cream that I've ever tried. The main reason why I like this so much is the fact it doesn't feel heavy on my skin, it blends in well with my skin tone and it keeps it hydrated. For me, it gives me a nice dewy glow complexion, it doesn't clog up my pores and in turn brightens some areas of my face. 

However, the downside is to this cream, is that it only comes in one shade. But generally, how a BB cream works is that it usually oxidises when exposed to air so it matches your skin tone. (clever eh? xP) Although having an easy pump, it's not that hygienic-- so be careful of that. 

In comparison, the Oriental Gold BB cream feels a bit thicker in texture and has better coverage than the hot pink one. Despite being a thicker cream, it doesn't feel as heavy. It is easy to apply, and once applied, it hydrates your skin. For me, it is a bit light and it takes a while for it to oxidise.

And with this BB cream, it comes with its own cream blush and mirror which is amazing! =)) 

The downside of this cream, is that the pump is bit odd. Instead of being at the side, its located in the middle which makes it a bit awkward to get the desired amount of cream. 


As you can see, the Super BB cream has more of a grey undertone compared to the Oriental Gold where it has more of a pink undertone. 

Please excuse the condition of my skin.. it's been so bad lately (mainly due to the stress of schoolwork >_<;;) 

So on my face, the Oriental Gold shows a fairly good coverage with the exception of that random spot on my cheek. 

As for the Super BB Triple Function, it does not have as good coverage as the Oriental Gold, but it provides a nice dewy glow to my skin. This is also not as light as the other BB cream, but I personally think this shade suits me better. 

At the moment due to the condition of my skin, I would choose to use the Oriental Gold more, as it provides more coverage, but normally, when my skin is alright, I would definitely go back to the hot pink one, especially in the summer when the heat is burning you alive! haha 

Overall, both creams are equally as good. I guess it depends what your preferences are as a person and what skin type you have. For me, I have oily skin, so I would prefer to have something lightweight on my skin so it doesn't clog up my pores. In terms of texture, the Oriental Gold is heavy, but in comparison to other BB creams in the market and to foundations, it is definitely light in weight! 

Both of these products were purchased in HK, and the Oriental Gold was more expensive than the Super BB cream -- probably because of the additional blush and mirror? But in my opinion, both products are definitely worth it! 

Hope this will help  those that are considering of converting to BB creams or are starting out/research about them! =)) 


  1. I've been reading on BB creams all day trying to figure out which one to buy and wanted to let you know to check your pink one out against the description of the fakes. Your Pink bottle looks like It may be a fake.

  2. I actually had that Pink BB cream for over a year at the time of writing this review, so the bottle was pretty worn-out by the time I took a picture of it. I bought it from a well-known beauty franchise called Colormix in Hong Kong, so I'm pretty sure their products are 100% legit.
    But thanks for the warning anyway! I can see why you think it's fake due to how much the bottle has degraded, but I can assure you this particular pink BB Cream has now had a re-vamp in packaging and it's still as good as it was before! =))

  3. nice review ! i actually reviewed the same 2 products so its interesting to see other people's thoughts :)

  4. it looks lovely on your skin :) I didn't realize it was so opaque, I'm worried it'll be too light for me..

    where did you buy yours from? I'm afraid mine's a knockoff because it was so cheap (I got it from amazon)